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      Welcome to Carolina's Antique Appliances!

   Carolina's Antique Appliances, refurbished hundreds of O' Keefe & Merritt antique stoves in the past nearly 20 years.  We do specialize in this particular brand and have very likely all models available.Whenever customer looks for 22" inch apartment size or 58" estate O' Keefe & Merritt , Aristocrat,, model we have them in stock.

We can fix and Restore your non-working Stoves or  Refrigeretar!  Our services include :  Deep Cleaning - Re-chroming - Re-enameling - and more....

 Come and see us at our location for a great selection of O'keefe & Merrit, Wedgewood stoves, as well as vintage restored refrigerators.  Custom porcelain colors are available. We believe O' Keefe & Merritt antique stoves are the on of the best brands ever made in the USA.

Today refurbished O' Keefe & Merritt range will stay in your family very likely for generations.  Modern product is available on the market could compare to high quality of O'Keefe & Merritt brand.

 Carolina's Antique Appliances operates from east Los Angeles. Therefore we have all original parts for O'Keefe & Meritt ranges available. Whenever are you planning to have your O'Keefe & Merritt restored or you like to buy we are the ultimate source for you. To check availability of model you are looking for please contact  us  now.

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